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Personnel Selection

AIMS International Lithuania consultants, who have valuable and direct experience in business, understand that it's a real challenge for companies to find real professionals by themselves.


It might include issues of the maintenance of confidentiality and the ethical principles: a company which strives to attract competitors' employees can become involved in a fairly aggressive competitive fight. In addition, companies usually don't refuse their best workers. Companies try to motivate and maintain them. The best professionals in their field don't look for a job actively. Even if they decide to change the position, they know what future career they are interested in and are looking for ones who can offer the opportunity. Therefore, it is important to know expectations of the best professionals in the market in order to provide them with an attractive offer.


We constantly interact with professionals in their fields, and we can easily identify expectations of the best professionals in the market. Constantly expanding social network of the contacts, we know who could be interested in exciting new career opportunities and what job offers would be relevant and appealing to them. It's our strength and we believe you may find it useful as well.


Only active job seekers are reached by classic open search. Recruitment companies which carry out open search commit to find the right person, but the selection is limited to only those who responded to the online (or print) job ads. Most of the best professionals are not looking for a job actively. They hope to be noticed and appreciated for their results, not because they offered themselves to take one or another position. Therefore, we truly believe that open search is only valuable to lower or middle level positions.

AIMS International Lithuania is a company engaged in Executive Search ("Head Hunting"). It defines our search methods - no public job ads. We are contacting directly those professionals who work in the target companies, who occupy positions of our interest and have the best track record. Thus, we ensure that only achievers of real and tangible results will be presented to our client as candidates.


AIMS International Lithuania can help you find rare, high-level professionals - the leaders in their field. We specialize in management / administration, sales / marketing, audit / finance and other areas.


Hunting heads. Because good comes second to best.


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It has been more than 8 months from the long and intense search when you've helped us recruiting the Head of Finance, Controlling and Operations. The investment has paid off immensely – selected candidate has perfectly integrated into the team and is very energetic, innovative, dutiful, communicative, hearing and helping executive. Thanks for the help.

tesa tape
Audrius Petryla, Director
tesa tape

We are very satisfied with the cooperation with AIMS International Lithuania. Consultants carefully explored and understood our needs, as well as the specifics of vacant position. The process went very smoothly and quickly. The candidates were presented by a relatively short period of time and all of them were very strong.

Valiunas Ellex
Živilė Konkulevičiūtė, Quality Manager
Valiunas Ellex

We are satisfied with the services provided by AIMS International Lithuania. We were looking for someone whose scope of activities covered different countries. AIMS prepared a list of candidates, also from outside Lithuania. The hiring process was completed succesfully and on time. AIMS International Lithuania has a very customer-oriented team of professionals, which makes cooperation with them effective and nice.

Piotr Paluch, Corporate Legal & HR Eastern Europe / Senior Manager
We are very satisfied with AIMS International Lithuania services. They introduced a quite number of suitable candidates, which were profesionals in their field.  We are happy that consultants listened our exact needs and made corrections according our remarks. And the last, but not the least important point is that all the processes of the projects were done on time and we periodically got the updates about each step. Intrac Group
Carl Leijonhielm, CEO
Intrac Group

We are delighted that we chose “Aims International Lithuania” as a partner to fill one of the executive positions in organization. Company possesses the executives market that enabled them to reach out to many potential candidates.

During all search process team was very organized, precise and professional. In each step we have been getting operative updates and feedbacks. They proved that “AIMS International Lithuania” precisely understand company needs and relates that to candidate’s ambitions.

MCB Finance
Augustas Štaras, Country manager
MCB Finance

We have started cooperation with AIMS International Lithuania last year (2012). From the beginning I have a contact with 1 consultant who is ready to answer my questions almost at any time.

The consultant knows well Lithuanian market, what is a big support for me because Unilever is doing recruitment from HQ in Warsaw. That is why we need local knowledge and feeling.

The consultant is able to show first candidates very quickly and is flexible when the profile and our expectations are changing.

I would recommend AIMS for recruitment in Lithuania.


Agnieszka Górecka, Recruitment Manager


We have executed together with AIMS International Lithuania several executive search projects for top positions in our company: results were better than expected.

AIMS International Lithuania are professional, seriuous and reliable partner. We continue partnership with them further on.

Volfas Engelman
Marius Horbacauskas, CEO
Volfas Engelman

We are very glad about our cooperation with AIMS International Lithuania. The company did a thorough selection process for the required position and provided us with the right candidates.

During the whole process the team was precise and consistent in their work. AIMS International Lithuania proved they are client oriented professionals, who follow-up and care about the client (and the candidates) during the selection, employment and afterwards.

We strongly recommend AIMS as a reliable executive search partner.


Raminta Barauskiene, Head of Administration division

After evaluation of current situation and discovering lack of skills and qualification of sales managers we decided to apply for professional help. Our partners AIMS International Lithuania helped us with search of new Head of sales, who within short period of time implemented needed changes and noticeably increased sales results. 

Unilever Lietuva (prev. Ingman Ice-cream)
Normunds Labrencis, Ice-cream Sales Manager for Baltic States
Unilever Lietuva (prev. Ingman Ice-cream)